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Oops Girfriend… You Dropped Your “ Self - Worth”

Each one of these “Real Women Revealed” stories depict women who have always been beautiful women on the inside and out but at some point in their lives dealt with some deep-rooted issues of low self-worth. Often times believing that they must have a man to validate who they are as a woman.



One of the essential aspects of RWR is understanding why we as women think the way we do (i.e. demographics; how we were raised; morals; religion & etc.). Circumstances in our life play a huge part on why we do the things we do. As women we should have an authentic and non-judgmental network to express our commonalities and differences to understand our God-given bond. The Sisterhood Sessions are an outlet for women and girls to express themselves. We are everyday hardworking women, with careers, families, bills and sometimes a lot of baggage! The key is that we learn from each other and let everyone know that is willing to listen know what Real Women are all about!



To promote Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Love, Self-Advocacy and Sisterhood to All Women.

We must realize that as women we have more in common than not. Our outer appearances may be different but our internal make-up as “women” are very comparable. It is vital that we uplift our sisters (young & seasoned) to assure that we are keeping the RWR Sisterhood Movement Alive & Well!



That we can have a “Supportive Sisterhood Network” that we can go to in a time of Joy & Pain.  That we can give constructive and non-judgmental advice. That we learn how to relish in each other’s successes and be genuinely happy for each other. Some women may be going through unfortunate situations in their lives and listening to another woman’s experiences, a wealth of knowledge can be gained.