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RWR Testimonial: It has given me a true since of sisterhood!

RWR is just as it says to me: Real Women Revealed! Since becoming a part of Real Women Revealed I have met amazing and outstanding women. It has given me a true since of sisterhood. I attended the Real Women Revealed Conference back in March 2016 and have been a fan ever since! The conference had so many great speakers with a lot of valuable and informative information. Real women Revealed has something for all ages young and older. Real Women Revealed gives women a voice. I feel a since of real sisterhood. Sharing our life experiences with other gives you a true bond. Real Women Revealed is the true definition of sisterhood! I am so glad I met Audrey and Tamara They welcomed me in the sisterhood with open arms. You have to experience one of the sisterhood sessions where we talk about our life experiences from motherhood, careers, marriage and education to get the true meaning of sisterhood and what Real women Revealed is about. I can’t say enough good things about Real women Revealed. Come and experience it for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed. I am a big supporter and advocate of Real Women Revealed.


Beverly Hale-Colbert
beverly hale rwr

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