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Real Women Revealed, LLC women’s support organization & reality talk show to empower and educate women & girls to be the best they can be; through women support groups; mentorships; advocacy; conferences; sisterhood chats; and more.


One of the essential aspects of RWR is understanding why we as women think the way we do (i.e. demographics; how we were raised; morals; religion & etc). Circumstances in our life play a huge part on why we do the things we do. As women we should have an authentic and non-judgmental network to express our commonalities and differences to understand our God-given bond. The Sisterhood Sessions are an outlet for women & girls to express themselves. We are everyday hardworking women, with careers, families, bills and sometimes a lot of baggage! The key is that we learn from each other and let everyone know that is willing to listen know what Real Women are all about!


To promote Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Love and Sisterhood to All Women. We must realize that as women our commonalities: our outer appearances may be different but the make-up we have as “women” are very similar. It is vital that we uplift our sisters (young & seasoned) to assure that we are keeping the Sisterhood Movement Alive & Well!


That we are able to have a “Supportive Sisterhood Network” that we can go to in a time of our Joys & Pain and that we can give constructive and non-judgemental. That we learn how to relish in each other’s successes and be genuinely happy for each other. Some women may be going through unfortunate situations in their lives and listening to another woman’s experiences a wealth of knowledge can be gained.


I believe it is vital to encourage/promote sisterhood amongst women. As we know, women have become the back-bones of a lot of families throughout this country and who to better understand our joys & pain; our sorrows & mistakes; our accomplishments & passions than other women. When you truly love yourself and understand the “sisterhood mission” there is no stopping the “girl-power.” James Brown said it best “It’s a man world but it wouldn’t be nothing without a Woman!” I thank God for my supportive children; husband; parents; cousins; nieces; nephews; aunts; uncles; and friends. Your unconditional support means so very much to me!


– Audrey B. Jenkins – Real Women Revealed (RWR)
Real Women Revealed, LLC was officially birthed in 2011, although its true existence was established many years ago.


Bachelors Degree in Human Services Management
Women’s Support Coach/Life Coach


House of Miracles, Inc. (HOMI) – 501©3-nonprofit organization; assistance with transition for adult individuals who are in the early stage of recovery from drug addiction; and domestic violence. We offer licensed services in the area of: drug addiction counseling; drug prevention; family counseling; and life coaching.


RWR-in-Training Mentoring Program: to assist and aid girls to understand the importance of self-esteem & self-love. Workshops and forums to discuss teen issues: dating; bullying; etiquette; education; sisterhood; and more.


National Coalition of 100 Black Women Phoenix Metropolitan Chapter
Co-Chair: Economic Empowerment Committee
Civic Engagement Committee

Chair for Women’s Support Group:

Community Action Network (CAN) – Program implemented by South Phoenix Healthy Start to aid; assist; and educate women with knowledge of family and community resources.


Ladies Auxiliary American Legion Post #65


· “Women Empowering Women Certificate of Recognition: gratitude of your advocacy and support of other women to enhance their quality of life.” The Mayor and Phoenix Women’s Commission

· “Extraordinary Partnership and Support” National Society of Hispanic MBAS Phoenix Chapter

2016: Commissioner: Human Services Commission – City of Phoenix
This Commission shall: 1) Work toward the prevention and elimination of delinquency and housing deterioration. 2) Work toward improving economic opportunities and reducing economic dependency. 3) Encourage cooperation with educational institutions and the establishment of educational programs. 4) Strive toward the prevention of crime. 5) Assist in creating social services needed in the community. 6) Participate in the Federal, state, and local social services and anti-poverty programs as one of the tools available to accomplish these goals.